Epic Fails and Crème Egg Successes


Half term is over, thank the baby Jesus. I have endured considerably less sleep due to small people with bloody annoying coughs. The housework still requires my attention and after some serious avoidance techniques from yours truly I am slowly getting back to normal.

Its funny that as soon as half term comes, you breathe a sigh of relief and relax for one evening on the promise that no morning school runs equals more sleep. However by the end of half term you come to realise you are more busy and more tired than when they were at school. So Halleluiah for school today!

My husband moans that I only have myself to blame, with all the here there and everywhere trips I take the children to. Only he does not realise that I do this to shorten what could potentially be an incredibly long and dull day at home! I am awful right? I could meticulously plan a day at home with crafts and baking but I hate the continual monotonous tidying. It is boring as shit.

When I did decide to break up one of the two days we had at home, I decided the eldest and I would recreate something I saw trending on Facebook and Youtube. Well…all did not go according to plan. We had decided to make chocolate Easter eggs and I envisaged a cool marble chocolate egg with a nest of little chocolates at the front, perfect enough to cellophane wrap or even box. Hmmm…my shoddy, half eaten egg shaped, chocolate disaster was only good enough for the inside of a black bin liner.

The first step of the youtube video instructed you blow up a balloon, well I managed that just fine because I made the eldest do this! Then you melt the chocolate and apparently wait for the chocolate to temper, aka cool down, or else something crazy like the balloon could burst will happen.Well, that happened. So one soggy balloon covered in chocolate there was. Then I tried again, with Caramac, as I am quite partial to a bit of Caramac. Well Caramac either does not melt, or I burnt it in the microwave, I am still not sure which! So one bowl of unused Caramac I ate, whilst waiting for another batch of chocolate to cool down.

Once the chocolate was cool enough I eagerly plastered this onto said balloon and hoped it would not burst! Wahey, it didn’t! However spreading on the chocolate thick like a two year old meant it all ran down, looked rather lumpy and not glossy and smooth like I had imagined! We placed the three attempted egg disasters on glasses and left to cool overnight. When we eventually got around to chopping them off the glasses that they had now stuck to, the eldest and I tasted them convincing ourselves that despite looking like poo they would taste it, surely? Er, yes they tasted just like sweet rubber balloon! Gross. So crafty mum, I am not.

However I did redeem myself on Good Friday, with a recipe from Netmums! Alas, a cheesecake…much more my forte! Not just any cheesecake however, a Crème Egg cheesecake! It was delicious and it looked like the picture, so I am not entirely useless. Must celebrate small successes to overcompensate for all the fuck ups!

Easter half term was super busy, hence why the blogging has plummeted and the fact that Ruby not so much on the boobie now is still not sleeping for a good enough stretch! Is it unreasonable that at 7 months old I want her to go at least 5 whole hours without wanting her dummy back in or another boob or bottle? As for number two, I am so done with teething now and he is two next month but this is still affecting him at night. More Gin and Wine needed. I have also consumed a lot of alcohol during the half term, in the evenings may I add! I am not a total piss head and on it during the daytime, although the thought is often tempting.

Adulting has been tough all half term, and I say that with a week of help from the other half. Tomorrow we have arranged a babysitter so that we can go enjoy a grown up film, otherwise known as Beauty and the Beast! Well that’s the plan anyway! However this last week has taught me that not everything goes according to plan, even with the best instructions!


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Half Term Bankruptcy


The Easter holidays is upon us and I am all about the chocolate. Not so much about the three kids all day long for two and a bit weeks however! Luckily for me, this week I’ve not been flying solo, the husband actually listened to me when I asked for him to take some time off.

Half terms are financially tough, mentally draining and physically exhausting. This week has been no exception. We started our week with a farm trip, to nearby Easton Farm Park, £27 for entry and two pounds for two rides on a motorised tractor, I was glad I had taken a picnic courtesy of Aldi.

The weather was lovely, and lets face it that makes all the difference, no one likes a soggy sandwich. Number two was so excited upon arrival to the farm, spotting the train ride straight away. “N Der, N Der”, he pointed. We all waited for the bug ride first, which is a quad bike towing five little cars which look like bugs, complete with their own steering wheel. I thought he would love this ride, and after waving him off I could hear the screams around the farm! The ride was only a short-circuit of the farm but he hated it and even his sister behind him couldn’t calm him!

Somehow that day, both the small ones stayed awake until we returned to our car at 4pm. Usually the dreaded time to take a nap, however, we were all grateful for the peace especially number one as she sits in the middle of them! She often likes to reminisce about when she had no siblings and had the whole back row to herself…oh the possibilities.

Tuesday, we visited various furniture’s stores, how awful are we? However number two was poorly with what we later found out was an ear infection so we squeezed in some window shopping at Hobby Craft and Pets at Home with no intention of buying anything!

Wednesday, we had originally planned a trip to London to the Science Museum however considering how busy they usually are and how small our youngest two are we thought better of it and went to Norwich Castle instead. Prepared with another picnic, we parted with £26 for entry and enjoyed a Dolls House Exhibition, lots of stuffed birds and lots of information about Boudicca and the Iceni Warriors.

Number one has a real fear of birds, so a room full of every variety of stuffed bird you can think of, really wasn’t her favourite part of the day. Number threes favourite part of the day was the picnic and number two’s favourite was touching everything he could, and also walking everywhere. Starting to wonder why I parted with the best part of four hundred pound on a double buggy.

The best part of the day for mummy and daddy has to be the quiet car journey home! These days out are doing wonders for knackering the two smallest ones out just enough so they save sleeping until they are both in the car. One whole hour and a half to get home in blissful peace, hurrah! Topped by a cheeky KFC on route home as nobody fancied cooking.

Thursday started with a little bit of mummy and daughter time with the eldest. With a much needed hair appointment to tame her curly barnet. She has envious long dark, thick and curly hair, I would pay a lot of money to have. However as she is getting older, sadly she wanted to go shorter. So after one happy little girl had her hair cut, we headed home to check Daddy had kept the other two alive, to find they were both napping and he was fitting in some ‘much needed’ xbox time! WTF, the kids are making him think this shit is easy! Must have words with them!

Thursday afternoon was spent at home testing out Mr Frosty the Ice cream maker. Which was supposed to be my thing with the eldest until the husband wanted in on the action. That thing actually works, who knew ice would stay cold if you added lots of salt and warm water to it!!? I then baked some awesome Toblerone cookies for the eldest to take to a sleepover that evening and conveniently made enough for me to test at least five of them, just in case they were poisonous. I concur, they were not, in fact quite moreish.

Friday started with a rather early Dentist appointment for the two children with teeth, followed by a play in the nearby park and then a quick cup of tea with my friends and the children they also can’t shake off this week either! After a spot of lunch at home we went back out to the ‘River walk’ and stopped at the park…eventually.

I kid you not, poorly (although we terrible parents didn’t realise at the time) number two threw at least 10 wobblers on the ground because he didn’t want to ride his bike he wanted to push his sisters buggy. He cried because he wanted to ride the bike. He cried because he didn’t want to ride the bike. He also cried because he wanted to push his sisters toy buggy. He cried because he didn’t want to push her toy buggy.

At the park, he cried if I got off the toy train. He cried because his sister wouldn’t come on the train. He cried at just about everything! Thank god I wasn’t alone that day! Later that evening, after a high temperature and a nettle like rash, daddy took him to out of hours doctors. I felt awful that I couldn’t go and had to stay at home to feed Ruby.

After calpol and nurofen number two enjoyed his evening trip out past 9pm to the doctors and then later to Asda to pick up his antibiotics. With a suspected ear infection, I felt a bit bad for thinking that earlier in the day, he was just being a naughty little shit!

But all was forgiven by the morning as we went off to the Zoo. £61 for entry was a little painful, but again I was prepared with picnic food and pennies for ice cream bribes. This was my favourite day as it was a ‘first’ for number two and three. I had visions of number two enjoying the monkeys most, perhaps because he resembles one, however he was much more interested in the sea lions and going under the underwater tunnel to watch them swim over his head. Number three hadn’t a Scooby doo where she was, but she certainly enjoyed mummy’s twister ice cream.

Most evenings the husband and I have had a cheeky drink, the odd glass of vino before I have snored my head off on the sofa because we have both felt in ‘holiday mode’. Despite moaning at him and thinking he is a massive pain in my arse, I am grateful not to have flown solo this week!

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When Enough is Enough

IMG_3146Children are unnecessarily cruel at times, thoughtless and self obsessed. A school experience for an impressionable child should be a happy one, and confidence fulfilling, but sadly this is not always the case. I remember being unintentionally cruel, usually out of jealously towards other children. And being a busy child at school, there was not much time for reflection. No time to give two hoots about what you said or did to another child. When I was younger there were very few (if any) lessons on kindness and the irreversible affects of cruel words and actions.

Sadly this week, I have had to reflect on a lot of cruel behaviour towards my eldest, and consider her long term happiness and later mental health. I am not too fond of labels and I wouldn’t say what has happened to my daughter has been bullying, but what seems trivial to some children is not for a sensitive girl of 8 who has been hit by bereavement twice last year.

I have put off blogging about this issue, because it has been unresolved, and could offend or unintentionally hurt others. I am fully aware that all children are horrible and embarrassing at some point and I am certain my daughter has been too. However her personality and love of learning has altered since she started back at school in September and this week it was time to say, enough is enough.

My daughter looks different to other children in her class and although I don’t think this is why she hasn’t fitted in, I am only too aware that this could be a signal for others to treat her differently, if not now but in the future. I know that you shouldn’t worry about tomorrow, but I really do! All you ever want as a mum is for your children to be happy. Happiness comes above all other things for me.

For me, I had a positive primary school experience, I wasn’t bullied, I was fortunate enough to have many friendships, many of which remain today. I also know that I was a bit of a feisty bitch too, cruel out of jealously towards others and definitely struggled with ‘middle child syndrome’ (if that’s actually a thing!).

School is a lot about learning how to fit in, especially in high school. I had to get the right Jane Norman bag, the right pair of kickers, no two strip tracksuits allowed and never EVER did I take my PE kit in a Tesco carrier bag! However now those fuckers cost 5p, they could be seen as a fashionable must have item, no?!

We are slowly venturing into those impressionable years sadly at 8 years of age, however we are not fully immersed into this yet. Its a conundrum, encouraging individuality and confidence in just being yourself, without letting your child be that ‘bit too weird’ to fit in. How an earth do you get that balance right? Your ideas are very welcome, as I’ve got years to try to get this ‘right’. I don’t want my daughter to be the IT girl, bitchy and cruel, yet I don’t want her to be the confident weirdo who no one plays with?

In search of happiness for our eldest, we explored other schools a few months back as we noticed how unhappy she was when she came out of school. The last half term break was the final straw, as she repeated something everyday to me that was said to her just the week before they broke up. All harsh, cruel and very child like things to say, mostly trivial but not to her.

I choose a school despite my husband saying I shouldn’t, that was much smaller than we had both been used to. A village school with a brilliant Ofsted. It wasn’t just because of the Outstanding rating, but I admit that was a bonus point, but I volunteered in reception a year before our eldest started school. I choose the school because I found the children to have close relationships which appeared positive and almost like one big family. I thought that this would suit my sometimes shy 4 year old.

I chose this school over the one she will now be attending after Easter. This new school, which was strangely our local school just down the road from where we used to live which has nearly as many children in year 3 than her whole school currently has. Its size alarmed me when deciding upon where to place her. That particular year was a baby boom (obvs nothing on TV 9 months before) and for the first time they took 90 children into reception. My daughter was the kind that cried every time I dropped her off at nursery despite loving every second of her time there when I had gone! Why do they do that? Cruel, or what!

After three good years at a village school, I notice that by her fourth year, this just wasn’t working anymore. Girls fallout a lot, and when you only have eight year three girls in a class, this is the end of the world.

So I feel I have learnt a lot and come full circle on our decision of where to place our then very cute and curly haired 4 year old, who is now a stroppy, hormonal eight year old. She is now ready to be in a larger environment, exposure to lots of characters will be good for her as she develops and I feel that in such a small space of time she has learnt how best to deal with ‘those’ types of girls.

I am already nervous for her, and just want for her to be happy, fit in and grow in confidence. I hope she chooses good friends, and will be just as happy with her choices as I am today with my primary school friends I still cant shake off! Cant of been that much of a bitch, hey Kathryn, Megan and Nicola? (I hear them shout, er…YES you were).

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