Nostaligic Parenting


The baby walker is officially down from the loft, washed, dusted and ready to roll with the third child in mind. However the excitement from number twos face suggested he had other ideas. As soon as we placed little Ruby in her ‘new’ walker, number two pointed at her and said “Tuddle mummy”. I replied “No mummy doesn’t want to tuddle Ruby”. So then number two pointed again at Ruby in the walker and looked at daddy and said “Tuddle Daddy”. Daddy replied, “No Maddox, Daddy doesn’t want to tuddle Ruby”! Once more number two persisted and pointed again to Ruby in the walker and said to his sister, “Immie tuddle”! Immie just laughed! It was clear to see someone had missed these wheels, despite having a thousand other wheels on every ride on you can imagine, every type of vehicle and even a ride on lion. That did not matter as this was the only ride he wanted now!

His excited little face when he finally got to jump in there was priceless and it got me thinking about all the fun he used to have in there at the exact same age. Since they are fifteen months apart it isn’t actually that long ago! The chunks out of the skirting board and scuffed walls are still there for all to see. I used to curse that the reason he didn’t crawl at six months and say it was because he was in that walker all to often, when in fact he was just later at reaching some milestones than his sister.

His eldest sister, number one also used the same walker, when it was brand spanking new and actually had batteries in the activity bit! The first child always gets the best of everything and I probably even replaced a few batteries in her toys as they ran out. Oh not, not now, we instead enjoy what peace we can get from not so noisy toys!

In fact poor hard done by number one, had to roll around in her walker on carpet, what graft that must have been! She also had far less space to roam around in, as we used to have the worlds smallest kitchen a hallway and a living room. Number two and three will continue to benefit from bungalow living, hard floors and one very, fun and long hallway to ride up and down in. I will however continue to swear about how bastard hard one level living is. Don’t get me started on the hovering and the places you can find a toothbrush! Third world problems right?

So from one well loved and well used walker, which is probably the best part of £50 quid well spent, I started to feel sad about the phases we are kissing goodbye to as they grow. With number three its all happening so fast again, something last night got me thinking about her labour (see previous post on birth stories for more) and it got me thinking about how quick that all happened and now the last six months have flown by!

Because number one is older there is a lot to be sad about as so much has gone already! Her crawling was much like Ruby’s; commando to start with, and I remember the first time she walked how choked up the husband and I were! Though I also look back and cringe a bit about the first time parents we were! We  that badge so well! Our child was the best behaved, the cleverest, the prettiest….well she was just everything better than yours! All because she was ours! Each new phase first time around is so new and exciting and also equally daunting. All my previous Facebook status’ were about all the new things she was doing and how much I loved her! I am sure I would cringe a bit if I read them now!

Poor Ruby, I haven’t even told the world of Facebook that she is even crawling! Bloody crime or what? And well Maddox, has been our little whirlwind! The child we wanted for so long, our rainbow baby and we struck gold! He is a fucking nutter, there are two ways about it. Being our only boy, he is special but he is also a little character, once seen never forgotten! I feel sad about how quickly he has grown and I feel like I’ve missed a lot of it, due to being pregnant when he was 6/7 months old then struggling with grief. He teaches himself more than I teach him, some of it is because I am so busy but also a lot of it is because his nature is so inquisitive! He has reminded me how I love this age (2 and 3). I may regret saying that as we haven’t hit the terrible twos as yet. Although, he kicks off quite easily and gets frustrated over the smallest things, some of which I feel is his age but also his nature! I think he is much like me as a child! I was termed ‘the difficult one’! He isn’t difficult, just challenging (or is that PC for saying a bit of a shit?!), but I secretly quite enjoy his challenges, as we are learning how to parent him, his way!

God I’ve gone on a bit, I apologise for that! But what I am simply trying to say in a round about way, is they are all so different, but growing up just as fast. I am missing the stages that they have gone through and feeling nostalgic about it whilst swearing about the stage they are all at now! I cannot understand half the words number two is saying at the moment and it frustrates him also. Number one is so hormonal and stroppy I don’t know what to do with her sometimes and number three hasn’t slept through the night yet, not even once! HELP! Where is the manual, and also where is the time machine!?


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One thought on “Nostaligic Parenting

  1. Sally says:

    It’s quite remarkable how, we as parents cope with our babies/toddler’s, especially as you say, there isn’t a manual to help us out. But, I did smile there, would we like so many, have spare bits at the end, after using the manual to help put motherhood together.
    Love reading your blog, Abbie.
    I Look forward to the next chapter in your blog x


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