HELLO…is it me your looking for?

Dec 20th 2015 (10)

Well actually yes, it is. if your name is EVENINGS! I would like to see mine again sometime really bloody soon! It would just be nice to have all the boring bastard house jobs wrapped up by like 7.30pm and all three children in bed at the same time! Then I would treat myself to some Walking Dead, Scandal and the occasional Teen Mom, well that’s when I can get hold of the remote!

It feels like I haven’t blogged in forever, but this is because there have been things to do right up and till 8.30pm and then my eye balls burn and I’m shattered. But somehow I do manage at least another thirty minutes of I phone time before falling asleep!

When we had just one child, we used to watch so much telly! Now I barely get to see Emmerdale, or even a program which is not paw patrol or has some repetitive catching tune for just thirty minutes. In my twenties, before university and after number one, at the time she would actually sleep and go to bed at 7pm Id probably average three hours of television a night! This sounds like heaven to me right now!

In fact, it would be so lovely if I sent the husband out for three hours with all three children at say 7pm so that I could ensure three hours of uninterrupted TV time. No, “Mummy I’ve hurt my finger”, or “Mummy I can’t sleep”, just the sound of the kettle boiling would be nice…hmmm. What soft place services are open at 7pm, is it totally wrong to take three children out to the pub at 7pm on a school night…could I actually get my husband arrested though?

I know I am being bloody selfish just letting my unmotherly mind wander there in the fields of self-interest and narcissism (posh word alert….might have googled it ; ). I must sound terribly ungrateful at times and I am pretty glad the children cannot read my mind and hear my unspoken words in my head, because aside from the swearing they would feel really unwanted!!!

But most of my days are filled with the rollercoaster highs and lows of parenthood. Like today, it started with the number two coughing so much he was sick on me and in his bed, mostly sour milk…delightful! Then whilst washing the bedding and clearing up the breakfast things I walk past the living room to see number two has pulled down his nappy and has his hands in his shit! He is saying something to me, but couldn’t work out what, he hasn’t learnt the word shit yet! Not sure why as I say it enough! But then later after 35 minutes (I kid you not) of screaming because he got a potato peeler out of the kitchen drawer and I told him to put it back, he cried “Tuddle mummy, tuddle”. So bloody naughty but insanely cute!

Then little Roo number three was having none of this napping business this morning and also did not want to be put down on the floor! So I had to listen to more crying than Id like to in putting the shopping away but when I returned to the room to pick her up, he little cheeks and a huge smile, I don’t really mind that extra “Tuddle”!

My eldest also came out of school in a good mood for once which is nice. Because for an eight year old its like we have hit the teenage years already, I don’t know who I am getting when I pick her up! I now understand why I was called Abbie A and Abbie B as a child! Karma that’s called! I informed the eldest that I had packed her running gear and we would practice her cross-country today instead of our usual swim slot and she didn’t mind at all. I packed up some squash, half time oranges and a small chocolate bar to distract from the fact I was making her run the entire length of my old high school field! She bossed it and I am not sure where she gets her athletic enthusiasm from, certainly not me! I like running now but I had the ability of the overweight kids at school, hence why every cross country or sports day I would be the skinny girl with zero ability competing with them. And yes…they always out ran me!

Number one made me so proud that she can run faster than her mummy and probably her daddy! Sssh don’t tell him I said that.

So despite losing my evenings to these little beauties for now, I know it wont last forever…oh no…wait… it will, because teenagers do not go to bed at 7pm! FML! How much is TOO much, in terms of boarding schools….


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