The End of No Spend


Thank the baby Jesus it is over. I have totalled up the savings, and its in the hundreds so the husband is rather impressed. He now tells me that I could do this every month! Err, I don’t think so! However restricting our spending in this way has definitely been a good learning curve, as I now see where we could throw in a few no spend weekends to some months,especially since I am on maternity leave. I am pretty sure maternity pay is designed to go down so rapidly that it makes you realise you should go back to work!

So in the months ahead, I’ve decided to forecast our spending for celebrations we are going to ahead, and small treats that we plan to do, like the occasional play place, coffee and Kaspa’s (waffle house) trip. However apart from those already budgeted outings, we are going to attempt three no spend weekends! Saving money is almost a bit addictive and I never thought I would utter those words. Just because we can do something like eating out, doesn’t mean we should. All those hundreds of saved pounds this month would have otherwise been consumed by us, so I am surely saving the waistline too! However I see no improvement on that front yet, I am currently eating Tangfastics as I type!

And to my unhealthy eating habits, may I add that today (pancake day) I have eaten 5, yes 5 pancakes! Shameful but delicious! I had one lemon and sugar one this morning accompanied by a nutella one and a maple syrup one! Healthy breakfast right? At least I had one of my five a day on there! For dinner tonight I also had to sample the ones my sister made, so just to be polite I had another lemon and sugar pancake followed by a nutella one. My sister wanted to know whether hers were better than the ones my husband made this morning, but in case they never make them for me again I said I couldn’t tell they were all lovely! Secretly though I think the husbands ones were slightly less chewy! But don’t tell her I said that!

I see everyone on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter tonight posted lovely pictures of their pancakes, with a side of fruit which I bet you they don’t eat (in fact I usually have strawberries with mine) and I realise I was too busy eating ALL 5 of mine to do the same! However mine were not Instagramable, they were not folded carefully into little triangles nor were they carefully and sparingly drizzled  with syrup! Mine was covered then rolled, so looked more like two unhealthy sandwich wraps. Enough food talk now I feel a bit sick from the Tangfastics.

Today has been, clean the bastard house day, yippee my favourite! NOT! My dear husband also chose this day to work from home in our living room too…what a silly mistake. Both children took it in turns to cry uncontrollably and sleep for a minuscule second and then wake up. Thank you children for performing well today, I do not want him to think it is easy being at home, drinking tea and watching THIS MORNING! In fact he got to see the reason why I am eating still for two but not putting on any weight because I am run ragged. I managed to clean the bathroom, hoover the house, make the beds, wash three floors, wash and dry up and put one wash on before 10.30am. I practically sweat doing housework at the sped I do these days just to fit it all in with the smallest amount of crying! This is why women’s deodorant is crap! It is clearly not made for REAL women like myself! Why is it that men’s deodorant lasts much longer, they barely break into a sweat if like my husband they sit and their computer and drink a hot coffee, only exerting oneself with their key strokes and occasional getting up to make a phone call. Enough said, I think you get the picture of what my morning was like compared to the husbands!

I also thought Id be a lovely wife and take the children over the fields for a walk in an attempt to burn of some of number twos energy and give the husband some peace as returning emails can be EXHAUSTING right? So I attempted to cross over a couple of fields nearby to our house, but number two does not like wind or mud! “Tuddle, mummy, tuddle” he cried. As much as I wanted to “Tuddle” him in his ridiculously muddy boots. I was carrying his “No I am not going to bastard sleep mummy” sister in the carrier. All in all,a very successful walk, returning home just 15 minutes later!

We return home and guess what I find …the husband has a hot coffee in the living room next to his computer and has paused the telly on THIS MORNING, “What a fucking LIBERTY”!

How is your day different from your other half’s? Ever feel like you’re the wrong sex? Share with me on Facebook and don’t forget to like after reading or even better share this with a friend and tag them in.




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