Unpaid Overtime and Jurassic Park


Our Jurassic World

I  have parented six days this week pretty much solo, that’s a lot right? I am definitely due some overtime and at the very least the worlds smallest violin playing a god awful tune for me! I say this a lot but I really do not think I would cope single parenting full-time with my three Herbert’s because I am shouty mum pretty much most of the time as it is.

I have also been pondering (with my copious amounts of free time) how id like to spend my overtime…I think that id like to ask my boss (aka Daddio) if I can have some time off in lieu. I have just a few ideas that I am going to run via the boss man about how I shall spend my days off, ALONE may I add. To name a few:-

1.Spend one week in a spa facility- or at least till I am all wrinkly and chilled out

2. One WHOLE day ALONE pondering around the shops, maybe in Norwich or the Big Smoke-I’ll try shit on, look at unpractical things like handbags and high heels and have one of those make up tutorials in say, MAC.

3.  Eat a posh lunch in somewhere fancy so I can dress up- perhaps I’ll have one of those bottomless prosecco lunch deals, like our local does (The Hadleigh Ram-link below) with the girls or even just one. Only as long as they come without child!

Balls, can’t do any of the above until no spend bastard February is over. I’m beginning to dislike February a lot! No spending is becoming pretty drab! It wasn’t too bad in half term but at weekends when the husband is off and presumes my culinary delights are served 7 days a week, I cant even ask old Ronald to lend a hand!

I mean seriously in March I am going to go all crazy and have takeout every night and drink Costa like its water! Sadly however I am all boring and practical these days and I’m excited by buying a new baby food processor in March, perhaps a pressure washer and probably a tin of paint for the conservatory. Boring bastard alert!

So no spend shitty February aside, what have I been up to this weekend? Well in fact I have told a wee fib, I have actually only been looking after two kids solo since Thursday because the eldest has been to at her Nanny and Granddad’s from Thursday until Saturday night! For me this is quite something! This is because I rarely let my little darlings leave the nest for one night at a time so two nights and three days is massive! I felt kind of lost, and the house was very quiet without her. Perhaps I shouldn’t moan about her talking so much!

So I tried out that two kid lark for a few days and it was easier in some respects but actually what is one more? Two is a zoo, so what is three…erm…Jurassic Park? Jurassic Park would probably be a good analogy of parenting three children because hot drinks in this house are extinct, milk is used liked a tranquilizer and at least one of the parks inhabitants sleeps in a cage. Much like Jurassic Park, I could probably sell some tickets to some of our spectacular shows here, and of course the star of the show would be our little mad Maddox.

So after the husband has worked a six-day week, we have had a really exciting Sunday! NOT! The Aldi shop was the only outing to be had, none of us could be arsed to go for a walk, so we spent the rest of the time indoors hibernating from the cold weather, watching Toy Story and eating treacle tart and custard. What an exciting life we lead, not to mention a healthy lifestyle!

How many unpaid hours have you clocked up this week?? How would you like to be rewarded? Share with me on Facebook, and do keep liking away!


HADLEIGH RAM-    http://thehadleighram.co.uk/menus/bottomless-brunch


Bottomless Brunch Hadleigh Suffolk

Bottomless Brunch Menu

 Available everyday 10:00am – 2:00pm

Choose a brunch dish and enjoy unlimited Prosecco, Bloody Mary’s or Smoothies for 2 hours!

Fresh out of London, bottomless brunch comes to The Hadleigh Ram. Bringing together this ‘inbetweeny’ meal – not quite breakfast, not quite lunch, however still very wholesome – greatly improved with the addition of free refills anytime throughout your 2 hour stay with us.



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