No Spend Valentines…Hmmmm


No spend February is much harder than I thought and it’s not necessarily due to the fact it is half term this week. It is however more to do with my laziness and extreme tiredness, when I would succumb to the soft fluffy buns that McDonald’s has to offer and the warm chocolaty delights of my much loved friend Costa!

Tonight I also fancied a takeaway as I am so tired (Story of My Life) and I thought that it was Friday but no such luck! I am so glad I didn’t go with the whole ‘Sugar Free February’ too, because I would be dead by now!

I am feeling in one of those moany moods, so I apologise firstly if this is a miserable blog and also I apologies if I swear too much!

This week went off to a surprisingly good start. On Monday I made the kids get up and sorted reasonably early so we could go out for a walk. Number two insisted on walking the entire way down to the park from our house with his little old legs and his dinosaur little life back pack. On route he managed to fall over twice,attract more dirt than on the buggy wheels and add a few more grazes to his teeny tiny knees. He was not arsed by this at all! He was more annoyed I picked him up to comfort him when all he wanted to do was get down and carry on walking! Strange one!

Eventually the repetition of the slide, got all too much for me and I managed to persuade number one and two to walk home so that we could do some baking before our playdate! I also may have bribed number two home and into the buggy with what we call “trickle”. To other human adults and children, this means sweets or chocolate. “Trickle, Trickle” he shouted as soon as I stopped the buggy outside! Shit, better stick to my word and diffuse the possibility of World War 4.

The eldest and I baked some chocolate cupcakes, which I accidentally left in the oven a wee bit too long and are now currently still sitting in the tin for someone to eat them! I have had a few but the icing is much better than the cake itself! Whoops! We also made some pink shortbread but I also left that in the oven to long, no idea again why, I was just ‘off my game’ I suppose! Anyway,it was somewhat edible as it contained sugar and this household is addicted. Probably because all three children have been fed in the womb nothing but sugar… doughnuts, to galaxy caramel, m and m peanuts….and so on. I am still blaming maoam pinballs for the reason number two is batshit crazy.

Monday ended with a playdate with my friend and now neighbour and her two children. A definition of a playdate to another adult is, you get to drink a hot cup of something, usually all of it and ignore your responsibilities for at least an hour, whilst every now and then hearing a loud bang and stating “Nah..they will be alright”. Playdates for playdate holder, means tidying the shit out of the house before the play date guests arrive only to do the same again when they have gone, however with a few more remnants of squashed biscuits and cake. This is however always worth it for the two following reasons:-

1.Because you get to finish a hot drink

2.Because you can talk to another human adult about human adult things.

So that was Monday, and free. Tuesday started with the same mind-set…lets knacker these kids out, so again I made them all walk to the park again in the freezing cold, this time however number two found an abandoned dog ball in the park and refused to let it go. When he fell over this time with ball in hand, he cried so much because he had sadly been detached from the ball, not because it hurt.

Freebie Tuesday also included our usual swim slot, on route to the pool number two fell backwards into a muddy puddle just outside the pool entrance! Luckily I had his gruffalo onezie to change into afterwards! That boy is a magnet for mud, puddles and poo!

Tuesday was also Valentines day, which both my husband and I are guilty of making it the shitest one yet!!

Last year we decided to boycott the whole affair because I hate that it is dictated that you must show the one you love, on this day that you love and care for them. You must also spend on them, spoil them and then share a gushing status on Facebook about how much they mean to you! Bleurgh! I am so not that way inclined!

It’s not that I hate Valentines day,I just don’t like to celebrate this on the same day as everyone else and I certainly do not want to go and eat in a restaurant with other smug couples because I would probably throw up into my soup or something! Haha! But then no celebration at all seemed to be even worse this year! We have been so busy that the husband and I didn’t even bother with cards, he took over the dinner cooking, which was gammon egg and chips and then we did the usual bath and bedtime with the children and pretty much ignored each other on our phones all evening! Then I stupidly perused Instagram and Facebook and looked at others romantic thoughtful valentines day! HMMMM.

I don’t intend on being a rubbish unthoughtful wife…it just happened!I don’t think my husband did either but next year we will at least get each other a card and maybe go out together around that time! So to hell with boycotting it, may aswell embrace it next year! In fact I did make him a valentine’s day cupcake with the kids so really if anyone has making up to do its him! ; )

How was your valentines/half term? Don’t forget to like this post after reading or perhaps share your favourite post so far?



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