Motherhood Milestones

410Too often we celebrate our little darlings milestones such as walking, crawling and we even encourage them to talk? All of which we later regret and the silly thing is we forget to celebrate our motherhood/parenthood milestones! “I took a pee in peace”, should feature on a fancy milestone card for mum’s, just as “I kept my shit together in the supermarket after a spectacular meltdown from said child”, that one deserves a hot cup of tea and some chocolate, followed by a peaceful bathtime.

This week after 9 long, agonising days incubated with the contagious one, I was reminded just how important mummy milestones are.

Whilst I have moaned about 9 days in not attending groups and socialising with other mums, I met my friend and new mother of one on Friday who informed me she had served four long weeks inside, and hadn’t yet ventured out alone. She kindly asked me if I would accompany her on a shopping trip at her nearby town, to which I accepted but informed her that I would be a bore as I was on ‘No spend February’!

Luckily this did not deter my lovely friend and her newborn son as she was just determined to get out of the house and feel normal again and hopefully not forget anything along the way. I watched and assisted my friend in packing the changing bag as I hadn’t forgotten how that bastard thing can trick you into thinking you have all your needed shit in there!

I was a bit like sergeant major in fact recalling out all the necessary items she could need and even did a roll call before we left… “Coat, purse, keys…etc.”. Actually I forgot to ask her if she needed a wee before we left, I expect she is most in tune with her bowel movements by now…especially after a baby.

Out of the house we went and into town, allowing my friend to do her banking, thank you card buying (she is super organised) and then she treated me to the best thing ever. It is a beautiful delicacy we both used to share, way before we became parents. That delicacy my friend, is called ‘Chicken ala bake’, otherwise known as a Greggs chicken bake. In the bitter cold, this ridiculously hot pastry was a welcome delight, she even treated me to a chocolate doughnut, all because she was so pleased she managed going out with a baby. To top it all her son was an absolute dream, sleeping the wholetime.

I wish her well, with many shopping trips just like this, however something tells me as her son grows he may not always be so quiet and dreamy. Lets hope she has got a good one hey!?

Now a mother of three, I almost forgot how difficult all those ‘firsts’ can be. Going out for the first time, without your other half (if your unlucky enough to have one ; )) is a HUGE deal, and once you have mastered this, there are yet more new hurdles to overcome. Like, the doctors with your newborn, especially if this is for yourself. Because it is difficult just getting a parking space and then having to listen to what type of crabs you have over a crying baby. That shit is not easy! I was joking about the crabs, there is only one type…or so I think!

Travelling with children anywhere, involves incredible strength and not just for carrying the bastard car seat, you need to pull a wagon full of paraphernalia for the smallest of trips. Just remembering all the correct shit you need, is a mummy milestone in itself. We should wave some sort of flag outside our homes upon return of such trips. People need to know the struggle because the struggle is REAL..

Another wave the bastard flag moment could be when you attend a singy baby group and you haven’t got a clue what nursery rhyme is being sung, but you blag your way through by miming and catching onto the repeated word. This new learnt word you sing loudly and then switch back to miming.Winner winner, the other half should reward you to at least dinner!

So you catch my drift, and I hope I am not alone in thinking how the little things, can be the hardest to accomplish and these small triumphs need recognition! Without looking like a complete div, I am not sure in what fashion it is ok to celebrate these, so Id be grateful of your comments! Especially whilst I google how much profit I could make from an interchangeable flag that has a universal fitting…

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