No Spend February Kicks Off


I may have forgot to mention that for some crazy reason we as a family have decided to have a no spending month! I have decided that we call this festivity “No Spend February”! What this basically entails, I am not quite sure as I am pretty much making it up as I go along and hoping for the best! Erm…the idea is that apart from bills, food and petrol (oh wait its diesel now-God I hope I keep on remembering that) we must not spend on anything else! This means no Costas, no meals out, no cheeky McDonalds, no magazines and absolutely no fitness DVDs (lucky enough I purchased Davinas last month…still in cellophane however!).

No trips to the pub for a swift one, no cheeky vino with friends and this also means that we cannot meet any family or friends for dinner for their birthdays this month! Sorry friends…family however, deal with it! This may seem like a crazy idea when half term is a week away, but I like a challenge just ask the husband, hah, because he is one!

It was a short while ago that I read an article online (The Guardian) about a woman who saved something like £22,000.00 over the course of a year. This woman was however far more committed than Ill ever be because she firstly did this for a whole year, cycled most places (living in a village that isn’t going to happen) and she also did not have any children. Because I think if I made my little ones endure this for a whole year they may become more annoying than they already are!

I picked February because its the shortest month and there’s no Council Tax to be paid in February so I feel like I am saving already! Also February is luckily light on birthdays so that’s even better as January almost bankrupted me! I say me, I mean the poor husband!

I was also going to do “Sugar Free February”, but I think this would be a ridiculous idea as I am addicted and I am still not coming off the good stuff just yet, I am just not ready!

Inspired by this lady’s sacrifice for a year, I thought I could at least try one month to see how I go and how much we could save as a family! Feel free to inbox me ideas of fun and free activities with the children this half term… and no one say park!

So this free weekend, our friend who is currently residing in Brunei came over to visit us, bringing Maltesers for the win! He can come again! Late afternoon we decided to have a short walk in our village as number two is still so poorly and we cannot mix with other human beans in case we transfer this horrendous foot and mouth! Poor kid does currently resemble an extra from the Walking Dead. Our friend from Brunei was well informed about our germs on Saturday but he still came at his own risk!

Oh and this Sunday I actually got a little lay in! Top marks husband, I will pick up your pants for another week in return. Then we treated ourselves to the usual Aldi weekly food shop! This is how we roll now. I better start enjoying this spending experience as only Aldi and the petrol station get the joyous moment of me handing over my debit card.

Back at home, the usual shit occurs, which is me, carefully cleaning out the fridge and putting all the items away, as I am a little OCD. I do not like the husband putting the food away as shit just gets shoved on any shelf, any way up…even our 8 year old could do a better job! Whilst putting the food shop away is not his forte, packing it into the trolley at 100mph at the end of the ridiculously short Aldi till is! He is also pretty good at putting the food away at the end of the store into the correct bags. Weirdly I just shove shit in anywhere in an item to get the shopping experience over and done with! This is why I love Aldi and not Tesco, its a small store, not too many choices to confuse my jam packed teeny tiny brain and you are in and out of their in under an hour!

After our marathon shopping experience, we ate lunch whilst poorly number two slept in bed, whinged then slept some more and then we decided to take two cars (because of bikes) to our old local stomping ground Hadleigh so the kids could ride behind where we used to live!

This much loved walking route is called the “Railway Walk” as we used to walk our lovely dog Maxie here when we lived nearby. In fact when we got there we realised we had never taken number two here at all, so probably hadn’t walked this route for 3 years! Then we reminisced about our days with just one child and one dog…oh how much easier those days were!

Despite number two being poorly, he forgot for the whole time we were there how much his mouth hurt and he got stuck in riding his little red motorbike and attempting to chase after his older sister. However he soon got bored of operating his little legs, so poor old Mummy spend half the time bent down pushing him! Suppose I could use the exercise.

When we reached a place called “the bumps” (too non Hadleigh walkers this is an area of lots of reasonable sized mounds great for riding bikes over) we decided have some fun, so the husband and I decided to race each other each using the children’s bikes. Husband got the short straw…or so I thought initially having to ride the two year olds plastic bike and I got to ride the 8 year olds bike! Winner winner I thought!

No…I thought wrong, because earlier in the day, the husband apparently fixed her swivelling, 360 handlebars so that they didn’t move! He is clearly not very good at fixing things as I lost control of the bike as I turned to steer! Bastard! Someone say FIX? Anyway, shortly after winning the husband carried on riding the very small red bike  (smug bastard) and somehow fell off carrying poor Ruby. Almost squashing her, he managed to recover his fall by rolling over onto his back like a turtle, just laying on his back, legs wriggly in the air, with a now crying baby attached! I detached poor Ruby from the demented, arrogant turtle and managed to stop her crying! Now both Maddox and Daddy sported matching mud stained jeans! How is it us girls stayed so clean!

Could you do a no spend February? Fancy joining me, or sharing your freebie ideas on Facebook?






4 thoughts on “No Spend February Kicks Off

  1. Shirley says:

    I read that article too…it was totally inspiring! Good on you for giving it a go…..winter picnics, walks and treasure hunts I reckon are the way to go! Might try and have it a go in half term too ( except jump street that I’ve already promised 😉, oh and swimming 😬).

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