That Friday Feeling


Is somewhat different to what it used to be. My pre parent working self, used to kick Fridays off with a chicken bake and a Lucozade from Bakers Oven (now Greggs) for breakfast at my desk. This was a must on a Friday because I was usually suffering from a hangover as Thursdays were the night to go out out! Now I don’t even know if that is still the case. Fridays almost seem an impractical night to go out after a week of work and now I much prefer Saturdays for such frolics!

That Friday Feeling these days is all about the husband finishing work that tincy bit earlier, and me breathing a sire of relief when he walks through the door, as finally after a hard week it’s not all up to me!! This week has been just like that, as we have a poorly number two with a horrible case of hand foot and mouth. Which is basically a mouth full of ulcers, sores outside of the mouth, a temperature and a rash on the hands and feet.

And from all the fuss he is making, it must be even more horrible than it looks! Poor Maddox became poorly after swimming Tuesday night, so I have been inside serving time for three long days now! Now I am usually someone who goes out at least everyday, even if it’s just to the shops, but usually its to a baby group to see other human beans, so just one whole day in sends me gah gah. What did people do without the internet? My trusty connection with the outside world, a place to moan about how I was up until 5am with a fussy baby (teething, feeding, belly ache…fuck knows) and a poorly little boy in pain.

So yet again, I have been a slave to the housework. My dear hoover, old Henry, gets out more than I do. So much so, I never put him away, he lives in every doorway of our house (bungalow). Which results in my husband moaning every night about “Why haven’t you put the fucking hoover away Abbie, it’s a trip hazard”. Well his dirty pants on the floor are a health hazard but you don’t see me moaning!

So between the moans of my little boy in pain, I’ve managed to go into the kitchen and wash up in parts, until I was needed again! It’s so demanding being a mother, I don’t think I was ever prepared enough for this! Even when you do get the chance to leave the little darlings they are never far from your thoughts! A mothers brain just never switches off!

Even in the dead of the night, you can find your mind racing with many thoughts. I see a lot of mums on Facebook talk about suffering with Insomnia. Whilst I don’t suffer with that, I was struggle the more I am awoken, the harder it is after the 23rd time to go back to sleep. Like last night I just feel pissed off, that they are tag teaming keeping us both up and then I think why the fuck did I even tease my body by going to bed! But lets face it, you just never know when you are going to get that awful nights sleep (or lack off), they can catch you by surprise! I found the worst thing with number one was, once she started sleeping through at about 9months…teething happened or she was ill, then just one bad night out of seven can hit you like a ton of bricks!

Recently another mum I know commented on my moaning status about my lack of sleep and she said that “I think this is probably the biggest con about having a big age gap…I forgot all about the sleepless nights”. She has recently had a baby after a 7/8 year age gap. This is so true! I found that after 6 years of no baby, even though I told myself I remember how bad they could be, I really and truly did not! I also quite like the saying ones a pet and twos a zoo, when referring from having one child to two! I seriously struggled! It was hard, harder than I had expected! You can never be prepared for any lack of sleep! Number three has been an easier adjustment as I’ve said before, with a 15 month age gap, I hardly got used to sleep!

So I apologise my Friday Feeling post, has mainly been about the serious lack of sleep! But I am in Struggsville, my eye balls burn like I am urinating cystitis, I’m wearing all black, (leggings of course) and have zero make up on! Today I am not feeling very Friday! Hope yours is better!

Tell me about what your Fridays involve? Because I’m nosey and I like to know! Don’t forget to click like when you have read if you did!


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