My Mummy Wardrobe


A Mummy wardrobe, to me includes, lots and lots of dull, unattractive and loose fitting clothing, much like my pregnancy wardrobe. Well if I am really honest, that’s including my maternity clothing, because as I write I am even wearing black maternity leggings. You know the ones, with the big stretchy bit at the top for your bump! Mine are currently housing ones jelly like belly. I am a vision of beauty! One lucky husband I have! Not!

I was chatting today to some mums at a baby group and we briefly discussed the unattractive parts of motherhood, such as maternity bras and agreed that her husband also asks “When are you going to buy some nice underwear and not just wear maternity pants and bras”. Phew I am normal! My current excuse for a maternity bra is because mine is one of those feeding ones, which is a must as I’m still breastfeeding. The mummy pants however, there is no excuse for! They are comfortably unattractive, and my arse is still quite sizeable so I don’t envisage it looking too cute in anything Debenhams has to offer right now!

My other half would utter, “I don’t care, I like you just the way you are”, (BLEURGH-PASS ME THE BUCKET) he also says the same about me wearing make up, but he really must go to Specsavers, because I see something completely different when I look in the mirror! Moron.

After you have a baby, nothing prepares you for how shit you feel inside and out! Its no wonder it takes us a long while to feel like ourselves again. For some this may be going back to work and wearing ‘work’ like clothing they used to wear before. Either that or the fact they spend the day with other human adults, drink hot beverages and use their lunch hour browsing the internet uninterrupted. BITCHES.

With my first, I neglected my body for a good year, and focused solely on her. After this I joined Weight Watchers, because I saw a new mummy friend at the time loose weight on it and our children were the same age. This got me thinking, I really want to look that good! I signed up with little motivation and surprised myself, it worked! I felt great. That same year I went back to studying and became a student at a local university. Scared that I wasn’t one of the cool kids, I started to dress more my age (then 23) and less mumsy. The student/mum life balance was so manic that I kept the weight off no problem and certainly felt more ME.

Naturally I am slim built and I am fortune enough to have a good metabolism. So when I say that I need to lose weight at the moment, people look at me and say, your fine, your slim etc. But its not the scale weight I am worried about, its the lovely amount of old clothes I have in my wardrobe I just want to wear again! Losing weight and getting back to ME after a baby is personal. Only you know what feels right for you and as long as your happy and healthy it doesn’t matter what others say or think.

Currently, my choice of style in the morning shows that I lack motivation! I enjoy fashion, but I am not one of those ‘I have to have’ when it comes to clothing. I also have a 23 year old sister who lives and breathes Topshop, so I need not spend a fortune, I can just steal things hopefully without her knowing! Like today! SSSHHH.

But I am bored of wearing the same old jeans, leggings and tops! I have even considered stopping breastfeeding soon as I want to just wear anything that doesn’t have to be pulled down or up! Is that selfish? I would normally stop at 6months, but she is my last baby so I am keeping her forever and ever with me! I am a stone over weight at present which isn’t much but I know when I kiss goodbye to my pregnant butt and face I wont miss it! Is it time to hit the gym or start running, or purchase the lovely Davinas new workout DVD?Problem is I like sitting and eating biscuits too much at the moment. Life’s too short and skinny people are easier to kidnap, or so I hear?!!!

Are you bored of your mummy wardrobe? Tell me what makes you feel more ME on Facebook or here. I love all your comments and likes!


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