Never Again Sleepovers

Well so the husband says, but when have I listened to him! My daughter turned eight today and last night to celebrate I came up with the mad idea of inviting all of the year three girls for a sleepover! Luckily she goes to a small school, so originally that meant eight girls coming, however only 5 could make it so that’s six giggly girls in total!

I am like a child when it comes to birthdays! Every birthday that I have done, there is always a theme! Excluding the first and second birthday. So Imogen, our eldest has had a princess themed party at a play centre age 3, snow white party in a hall age 4, Disney brave gymnastic party age 5, 6 was a  Frozen party parlour party, 7 was a Disney jasmine themed party (she looked the tits-see photo!) and this year was a BFG sleepover.

Call me a hypocrite, and rightly so, because  I moan about those parents Pinteresting their ideas for parenting.  But when it comes to birthdays and well, decorating, I’m right there with my boards! And I must admit, in my prep work for parties I get a bit lost and forget that it is not actually for me!! Oh to be eight again! Every year the finger jelly is usually for me, as are the chocolate fingers, party rings and wotsits!

So all this week, I’ve been a bit slack on the blogging, but what I have been doing is putting together an exciting BFG party/sleepover. I sourced a lot of things from amazon, love that shop. Hassle free shopping is what every parent needs. I also Lidl’d the party food shop too, as I’m loving either Aldi or Lidl at the moment. Funny story, when car shopping at the end of last year my then seven year old keep saying “Mummy why don’t you just get one of those Lidl cars, you like them?”. Priceless, now where is that program kids say the funniest things, at these days?

Anyway so last night five giggly girls arrived at 5pm, and I fed them no end of unhealthy food from pizza, to crisps, to jelly and icecream, later followed by popcorn and smores and some smarties! So really I was asking for it! We played, sorry I mean they played! Musical bumps, statues, classic pass the parcel. Then we made these rather cool dream jars which may I add I came up with all by myself! Basically a jam jar, then tea stained paper to write your dream on, followed by a chalkboard label and then the best bit…an LED coloured light from one of those light up balloons gets popped inside the jar. Voila! Looks just like the film!

I also went a bit overboard, shhh don’t tell the husband because I am not agreeing with him that I went a bit ‘over the top’ and found a BFG monopoly game! It’s actually going to get played with more than once so he can shut the hell up! Oh and we also decorated some fabric bags, which became the party bags which also came with some free fabric pens! See I am a savvy saver me!

I also got some stuff to make bath bombs but we never got time for that! OOPS! Probably because I insisted on lots of games of musical statues in an attempt to wear them out a bit before bed! That did not work. After Nanny McPhee and lots of Lego playing and building, book reading, scary story telling, popcorn eating, at 1pm they were still not tired. After one zillion toilet trips, each accompanied by at least two girls, still they were not tired. After “Sshhh you have woken the little boy up, please be quiet and GO TO SLEEP!”, they were still not tired. I think by 2am they were goners! But it could have been nearer to 3am, because we were asleep by then! Lovely I thought, they will sleep in till 8 at least.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, because the little darlings (can’t say shits as they aren’t mine) were up at 6.30am!! They awoke with a paranormal amount of energy! So I survived the next four and a half hours on caffeine and chocolate croissants until they all went home. I later unstuck the popcorn from the carpet, removed the bubble gum from the carpet (that was my daughter!) and tried hard not to suck the Shopkins up the hoover.

Aww phew, I thought this morning, it’s over, I survived, well we survived, the husband uttered the words “Never again!”. I doubt in her lifetime that, that will be the only sleepover she will ever have, we just need him to forget about his tiredness first!

So now that the Birthday and Sleepover are over I am already thinking about next years party! I must be mad! As stressful as all the planning, cake making, catering and decorating is I hope that one day all my children will look back at the birthdays and remember fondly. To me, memories are most important on birthdays and not the presents you receive. And for that reason, I’m IN! Birthdays parties forever! Until they only want to go out and do shots! SOB SOB!

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