Just another manic Tuesday



I am usually always home on Tuesdays, due to there being zero baby groups on that day. So I force myself to clean the house and catch up on what I couldn’t do over the weekend and don’t intend on doing the rest of the week! It is boring as shit! No one in their right mind likes housework?! Every morning, I wake up and look around me, and I’m like… surely not this shit again? Some how every day I summon up the bastard energy from I don’t know where and get on with it!

But the endless tasks are so unfulfilling. For example, washing clothes, those I can get up to date with pretty quickly during the day. I can clean the kitchen, hoover, clean the floor, in fact the entire house, tidy, clean the bathrooms and so on. But then those messy little buggers, come home and the house looks a burglary all over again.

So I spend the evening doing almost exactly what I have done during the day, or what I can manage before the children go to sleep and then wake up again to the same old tasks. You could really lose your mind over housework, because it a head fuck! Where are the bastard fairies? If I could have a daily housekeeper for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening, this parenting lark I could do with my eyes closed!

With our first baby I remember thinking that my husband, then baby daddy, was pretty useless (on the chore front). He didn’t get nowhere near as involved with housework as he does now! I’ve trained him up pretty well in the last….erm bear with, just counting the years up…12 years is it, that we have been together? Without him, I’m not sure how I would manage!

We now live in a bungalow and whilst I love the spacious rooms for every kind of ride on toy you can imagine, the mess goes everywhere! Toothpaste ends up in the lounge, because number two has a habit of sucking it. Tonight I found a toy car in our shower and well shoes, also number twos fetish, they can be found in every room. I must not forget to thank my children for keeping me fit however, pretty sure I do some steps in this bungalow. Really should get one of those Fit Bits but haven’t a clue how to use it!

So Tuesdays, I spend far more time cleaning than id like and fit in playing in between all the things I have to do, whilst Paw Patrol entertains number two! Bad parent alert! If I toted up the hours spent cleaning, tidying and cooking it would certainly out number the time I spend playing with them! Sucks.

So today, I spent a minuscule time attempting to do some colouring with number two, however he was more amused by taking the pen lids on and off then chucking the pens one by one on the floor. I then pulled out the large cars from the conservatory for number two to enjoy and he used all of them in turn as ride ons under the kitchen table. He didn’t appear to want me to join in at all, in fact I think he quite likes what I term ‘our boring Tuesdays’ at home as he gets to enjoy all his toys and endless Paw Patrol.

Then after school on Tuesdays we have a swimming slot at a private pool which we share with friends. Sounds uber posh. But it’s just someone’s pool attached to their house where four families go and split the cost. Its pretty good because it works out about £5 a time, you can undress at the side of the pool, no need for 50p for a locker and when I’m struggling to manage all three, I have some lovely helpers!

All three enjoy the swimming, and I love seeing the kids faces, jumping in and out of the pool, especially since number two can say “one, twoo, freeee”. I love seeing my friends and having a natter whilst getting splashed in the face by my eldest practising her mushroom bombs. But what I don’t love is the race to get dressed after! I allow 15 mins at the end of our hour slot, which seems like a lot, but number one has to shower and get in her onezie after. This involves repeating a lot of hurry ups and swearing in my head and maybe under my breath! I juggle dressing the baby and putting her back in her car seat whilst trying to keep number two from jumping back into the pool fully clothed. He is fascinated by water, unnervingly so!

Getting changed after swimming is much easier in the summer, when you are wearing just one garment, like a dress. Every Tuesday in the winter I’m swearing because I am wearing skinny  bloody jeans again and its like the episode of friends with Ross and them leather pants! Talc is no help and all, because with the heat at the side of the pool I have doubled in weight and so have my thighs!

So I feel actual relief when I have got back to my car with all three children alive, and all our wet swimming gear, hopefully not forgetting anyone’s goggles!  Then on the drive back home which only takes about ten minutes, my eldest talks at me, haven’t a clue what she is saying as I respond, “mmm, yer” because all I am thinking is, “What is the quickest tea I can cook, or should we just go to the chippy?”.

The picture above was from today, in those few moments I had to play! What’s your manic day of the week? Do you enjoy swimming with kids? Like, share or tag someone who does on Facebook.


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