The Sunday Slog

103.jpgGod Sundays are shit aren’t they. My least favourite day of the week. I even hated them as a child as they were always boring as shit, unless there was some sort of family get together that involved a buffet and skidding around on a hall floor in your best gear.

My Sundays as a kid usually involved Tidying my room, whilst my dad was doing either decorating, grass cutting or some other ‘manly job’ which avoided us kids. My mum would always be doing the ironing usually whilst we had a sandwich tea and were forced to watch the Antiques Roadshow. I hear the crap theme tune right now! Our telly only had four channels, because my dad was too tight to get satellite TV.

I thought we had a sandwich type tea because it was a roast for lunch however my knowledge as a parent tells me they did this to make life easier as Sundays always involved cramming in lots of shit that couldn’t get done in the week.

I said to myself growing up that I would spice Sundays up a bit when I became a parent so I didn’t force my kids to endure the same monotony. But actually I’m not doing too well on that front! Whoops, sorry kids. But parenting involves getting a lot of boring jobs done. We don’t have fun doing it, but needs must.

The only way, I think I’m not recreating the same boredom is by not forcing a roast upon my kids every single Sunday. We spice it up in this house, sometimes its a curry on a Sunday, Shepherds pie or if I really cant be arsed its a takeaway or we ate out earlier in the day. My eldest actually loves a roast, and so do Mummy and Daddy. But sometimes Mummy and Daddy cant be arsed with all the tidying up. Mummy also secretly hates how Daddy has perfected the Sunday roast (only with Mummy’s careful time and tuition) and sometimes she cant deal with his smug face as his puts the delicious plate down in front of her with the ever so light and fluffy Yorkshires.

If money was no object I often like to ponder what I would do with our Sundays. Mmm, I love this game, just like the “Oh what would you do if you won the Euromillions?”. Its fun to dream hey?! Cos reality is boring as shit.

So if money were no object, I would like to sometimes do outdoorsy stuff, even though I’m the least adventurous person I know and sporty! Some sort of outside adventure course maybe, which is slightly energetic. Followed by a lovely pub lunch where there is some sort of play place for the children, so they don’t get too annoying! Now if my children were older, I would like Sunday to involve a theatre trip or a day trip to London or some over city sightseeing, all cultural and educational (cos I wanna be one of ‘those’ parents). Or maybe we would have some posh family gym membership where we all could go our separate ways and do something sporty whilst Mummy watched and had a coffee or maybe swam…nah coffee!

Now if this was every Sunday this could get kind of expensive but I like the thought of breaking from the boredom of our usual Sundays. Since we have a busy month ahead with Birthdays in the family taking up the next three weekends (how inconsiderate you all are, you know who you are!), we stayed in this weekend. We put crap in loft, found places for some of the toys and washed, YAWN, hovered, YAWN and cleaned YAWN (just like everyday). But the fact we were all together in the house was actually quite nice. Until around 5pm, when the whole dinner time, bathtime, bedtime requires some effort from us both and we are usually flagging.

Sundays are also royally crap because, no one ever sleeps well on a Sunday night…well unless they are drunk, Am I right? Because you either know you have to be up for work in the morning at silly o clock or there is a hundred and one things you need to make sure your kids take to school or nursery tomorrow.

The very thought of it all is exhausting to you, so you feel like you are awake half the night thinking about how you must not forget X,Y and Z. Or your kids are naughty little shits like mine were last night and they tag team each hour which one is going to call out for “Mummy or Daddy” or failing that they stand by your bed like the exorcist until you wake up, scaring the living day light out of you. If you actually sleep well on a Sunday night, I need to hear from you? What am I doing wrong?

What would you dream Sunday involve? Is your Sunday sleep crap? Let me know on here or Facebook, I love reading your comments!



2 thoughts on “The Sunday Slog

  1. Dani says:

    Dream Sunday:
    Lovely lie-in until I decide to get up (say about 9:30-10) tea and toasted tea cakes in bed with a really good film or book. Get up, lovely long bath, spend at least 90 mins blow drying, curling and doing make up. Taxi into town (who needs to drive or park or get to stations on a dream day) have lunch at the Michelin restaurant in Leeds with friends and husband. Drink prosecco and cocktails until about 3. Buy myself something I love in John Lewis and some new pjs. Taxi home, pjs on, take away ordered and then chill until I can’t keep my eyes open any more.


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