Happier New Year?


Well lets hope! I’m in my 30th year now so I betta start acting all responsible and together now, hey? Who am I kidding! Whilst shopping earlier, I saw some snazzy sparkly converse shoes which had my name all over them, however not my size! Doh! I could just picture my younger sisters (22 year old, lover of all things Topshop, single and always mingling) face if I had purchased these! Would have been worth the purchase, since she hates my dress sense, tells me I dress and act about 40 most days and hates the fact I have colour in my hair! AM I BOVVERED THOUGH? Probably because she dresses very monotone, because its in isn’t it? Well that and she thinks she’s the forgotten Kardashian sister!

So today is the last day with my right hand man! Tomorrow I’m back to flying solo! I need to remember how to cope and waste those hours in the day productively and also to make it to 6 clock Wednesday with three children alive! I got this! I got this because today, those wonderful, beautiful cute little humans which I always blog so nicely over slept until 10am this morning! 10am, I know? I didn’t even use any brandy! Kiddin obsv! They went to bed at 8.30pm so later than normal and they slept through, well number one and two did, I fed number three throughout the night, but that’s normal.

So when I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, I can totally parent today, yep I got this shit! I didn’t jump put of bed and clip my heels like Mary Poppins however, but I sodding well felt like her! So today to make the most of our last family day. We hit the shops so those wonderful children of mine could spend their vouchers and Christmas money, because no one can ever have enough toys right? I was up for this trip because the husband assured me there would be a Costa at the end of it! And there was, but not quite how I pictured it.

Firstly husband orders the wrong Costa, but I couldn’t be like all ungrateful and say “Duh you idiot you no its a normal hot chocolate and cream”, instead I was like “Oh didn’t they have the usual darling?”. Tactful hey! “Oh I thought you liked the orange hot chocolate one last time you had it” he replied. Well yeah I did but it isn’t Christmas, I thought to myself! Costa also did not have my usual sandwich, but its ok, the Lion in me was well and truly in its cage today, simply because I got sleep! Plus anything with cream on is pleasurable! Well actually I can think of one thing that isn’t…. : ) cheeky.

Whilst enjoying our Costa experience, I attempt to feed number three, trying to be all conservative with a huge swaddle muzzy blanket draped over me, however she isn’t having any of it. I take the muzzy off and try to discreetly feed, however Ruby has other ideas, instead arching her back and loudly crying to draw attention to ones exposed nipple! Brilliant! So many people have seen them now I’m sure, and I’m beyond caring now!

We also took a trip to Waterstones, an overpriced book shop which we all love, so use another voucher. Because there is no lift it our local store, the husband gets a nice trip upstairs alone to ponder at the books. I however am stuck downstairs with the double buggy and number one. Number one thinks its a great idea to get out number two and let him look at the children’s books, however I cannot assist as I’m now holding number three and rocking her to prevent her from crying. Number two of course heads straight for the door whilst number one thinks this is amusing, I run after him with baby in arms knocking over a display of books as I go! Whoops!

So I decide to strap the little lovely darlings back into the buggy, screaming or not! Whilst I send number one upstairs to tell Daddy to hurry the fuck up! Well not in those words but I hope he gets the gist! However I later find out he was blissfully unaware of the commotion beneath him and instead he was having a nice chat with the one of the staff about his recommended reads! How lovely! I have no time for such frolicking when buying books, I’m a one click amazon kinda girl and then I have to wait a tedious 24 hours for it to be delivered a trusty courier.

Anyways, all five of us make it home in one piece, via Toys R Us for some Num Nums…what even are those? Then we get in to find Toy Story 2 and 3 is on! Epic, evening sorted. Tomorrow will clearly be nothing like today! Tomorrow will be like Monday! I live to survive another day!

Tell me about your day on my Facebook, what have your little darlings been up to this Christmas/New Year period?




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