Rock and Roll Status


Today has been one of my favourite types of days in the festive period! A day at home with just us five, a ridiculous amount of leftovers, which means no cooking!! Wahooo…finally! I think I’ve earnt it, after making four deserts in the last three days, mince pies, sausage rolls and candy cane cakes! I like food and baking, just not the clearing up bit! Check my Twitter, to see what a messy cook I am!

So today we spent the most part of the morning, tidying up from yesterdays hosting. Standard.! Then we chilled in the tidiness and made some more mess, which we stared at for a while until we cleared up…again! Small people make a lot of mess! Toys are currently in every room of the house, and currently our conservatory which is usually toy free, looks like Toys R US. Them Toot Toot cars really get under your feet. The playdough has gone away in the hope they forget they have some!

Todays attire for moi, consisted of an extremely old, probably once cool T-shirt, followed by my mum bra (obvs), fluffy socks (Christmas present) and gym pants. Whilst putting on the gym pants (trousers, im going all American by calling them pants!) I smiled to myself smugly as I had no intention of doing exercise in them. In fact I can’t remember the last time I did any exercise in them! The only exercise I intended on doing today was my frequent walks to the fridge in the kitchen, and the one in the garage for the drinks! These trousers are nice and stretchy, plenty of room for my expanding waist line, which I will give some thought to in Jan! Probably by jumping on the band wagon with those non fitness freaks like myself and buy some shit DVD about how to get slim in 30 days.

So after a lunch of left overs, the not so energetic number two had a nice long nap. Leaving the eldest to moan she is bored! WTF, ungrateful little wench, she has a shed load of Lego, some science sets, makeup sets, colouring books and one scary looking reborn doll, is she for REAL! So the husband sees this as an opportunity to construct her Lego, so those two quietly disappear to her room to make a fairground ride out of Lego and I’m left holding the baby! It’s a good job she is cute, because holding a baby and amusing a non talking being could get pretty boring after a while! Almost four months now, just saying!

I try to feed the small one to sleep for a nice little nap myself, but no luck! So I thought to myself, that it has been so long since I’ve had a daytime nap since she was born and I think this week I’ve earnt it. So I carefully place the small one with the Lego builders and sneak off to the sofa. I probably only drifted off for 15 minutes because the rest of the time, I could hear the little buggers come back into the living room and watch some film about a dragon super loudly. I decided not to open my eyes, just in case they noticed I was really there! Otherwise one of them would try to talk to me, and today I wasn’t really up for being an adult, let alone a parent! Far too tired for that shit today!

Later on this evening after round two of the food consumption and the BFG, I pondered how Rock and Roll by life really is! This was at the point I went out to the tumble dryer (in t garage) in the freezing cold in my pjs, braless wearing my wellies. Luckily its pitch black dark where I live, we have neighbours but luckily no one saw me, because if anyone came out of there house, id probably of hidden behind one of the cars until they had gone! Afterwards I went into the kitchen in search of my five a day, I found some grapes, so poured them into a glass, the white variety of course and then found some left over mixed berry tart, which in fairness probably had at least five different fruits on it. So what with the lemons in my lemonade today I’m well over my limit! That is just how Rock and Roll my life really is!

Pondering how I often enjoy my Rock and Roll lifestyle I thought Id write down some moments when I think I am rocking and rolling! So here goes, for the shits and gigs, here are some other moments, which clarify, ones Rock and Roll status:-

  • Using the kids ‘fake’ illness to get out of social events so I can stay at home in my pjs
  • Wearing sunglasses on the school run, because I have no eye makeup on
  • Driving to the garage in your pyjamas and sending your sister out of the car to purchase your much-needed chocolate
  • Eating your children’s Halloween sweets whilst they sleep but when they ask where they are blame the husband because mummy would never do such a thing
  • Keeping hold of your maternity trousers long after you are pregnant because know one will notice right? Plus they are uber comfy
  • Telling your husband your day was super busy when infact you had a playdate and sat around drinking tea and cake whilst for once the kids played happily


How have you earnt your Rock and Roll status? Don’t forget to tell me on Facebook or Twitter! Love to hear it.


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