Ready or Not Christmas is coming


Kids are mostly naughty when you are extremely, busy, stressed or tired! Well today I was all three. I was due to trade in my rusty old banger for a few years old Audi Q5. Not to shabby hey? And certainly not a momobile! This trade in was supposed to happen late morning, however getting out of the house with three small humans never goes to plan.

I find that each time we have to leave the house, there must be at least 30 minutes spare, just incase of a poonami situation, some drink explosion all over somebody or a massive meltdown. Well today both little ones decided to kick off at the same time, wanting my attention and cuddles, I was half ready, the other half was on a conference call so couldn’t help and I hadn’t packed a bag. In that moment, I thought to myself, how do these twin mummies do it!

Most days I need a spare pair of hands, but everyday twin mummies and daddies must need an extra pair all the time! Plus eyes in the back of their head for when they start crawling! Anyways, with no bag packed, my hair not even brushed we were of course an hour late for the car garage. I hadn’t really had time to get excited about a new car.

I was more worried about how a meltdown with number two may play out in a nice car showroom with thousands of pounds worth of cars, hmmm could be fun right? But luckily, the mad one had fallen asleep so we asked the eldest to stay in the car with him parked just outside the huge car showroom window whilst we signed the paperwork.

Whilst sorting out the paperwork with a quiet baby in the car seat next to us, I receive a phone call from the eldest as we left her with one of our phones for company! “Mummy hurry up I am getting worried” she said, “Yes yes you can literally see us we will be 5 minutes ok?”, I replied. “Huh, OK” she replied. Whilst continuing to sign I get a text, saying “4 minutes”. So the almost 8 year old is clock watching us…then still signing (so much paperwork) another text comes in “Hurry up im panicking!”. I’m not sure what she was panicking about, but this one could worry over the rising cost of milk! She is such a worry wart, I’m hoping its just her age and it will pass! Because once she hits the teenage years god help me!

So we transfer over the car seats to the new car and drive away with one shiny new black car! The husband does his careful driving since its so new, and scowls at any idiot driver who drives too close to his new baby! On route home we drive via Mothercare to get dangerous Dave a new car seat.

Dangerous Dave aka Maddox, is in his sisters old car seat, so its pretty bog standard, but this wouldn’t bother us if it wasn’t for his constant escape artist attempts to get out of his seat. So some lovely lady helped us decide on this clever seat which even has some sticky grips on the back of the seat straps which sticks to his clothing making sure he definitely can’t escape! On route home we tested the seat and the lady’s said words! Yep its a miracle, he cannot move!

Back at home the husband goes into the bedroom to do some more work, whilst I try to keep quiet all three! Number one and two get bored so play in the adjoining room, things sound a bit mad in there so I poke my head through the window to have a look! My presence excites mad number two so he climbs the sofa to the window and starts pressing his cute squidgy face up against the glass repeating my name! Wonderful, my windows are all covered in saliva, must clean them before Christmas now! Add that to mummies huge list.

After this I go into the kitchen to make mince pies and sausage rolls for the festive period.Why I don’t just buy them I don’t know, I am THE messiest cook in the world! I spent three hours doing this and feeding Ruby in-between. Then move onto make two deserts! A tiramisu and a girdlebuster pie, some Nigella recipe, I googled! Nice and easy! Just the clearing is the hard bit! So I started all this at 5ish and I eventually finished at 11pm. Realising I haven’t actually eaten dinner unless you count two mince pies, a gingernut and some diet coke as dinner! OOPS! I also haven’t finished wrapping or writing let alone sending the last of the Christmas cards!

Which leads me to think, Fuck it all, what will get done will and what wont, simply wont! Christmas is coming whether I am ready or NOT!

Two more sleeps!….Night

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