Baby Proofing


Exhausting isn’t it? As soon as they start to move, that’s it you find new things to move to new heights! Since doing this from the crawling stage I’ve now relaxed a little (BIG MISTAKE), as I then realised my 19 month old is getting taller by the day and he can now reach door handles and windowsill’s. FFS.

Currently its the Christmas tree up for grabs, I leave the room for one second and come back to find all the decorations on the floor and a candy cane in his mouth, AGAIN! Yep I’m talking about my number two (no, not POO), he is a cheeky little character who certainly keeps everyone on their toes. I say everyone…mainly ME.

Life on one level is also difficult with this one, as I decided against baby gates and a play pen (WHY?BECAUSE IM F-ING STUPID). In hind sight a play pen would have been the most wonderful idea, and probably would have saved a lot of swearing and destruction! So living in a bungalow, if the bathroom door is left open and there has been a bath just run, he enjoys throwing the odd toothpaste, sock and toilet roll in there.

Maddox is quite partial to a bit of water, nope not just in summer. A mop and bucket is like sweets to him and his new favourite hobby is washing up! If you leave a drink on the coffee table, you might get a ritz biscuit in there, or return to the room to one wet child and no water in the glass at all! He is such a delight!

His bedroom blinds, are the first bit of haberdashery I have done, and I am pretty pleased with them, although perhaps these were installed in the wrong room as some how, he climbs up from his bed and entangles the nicely strung blinds, so they just wont pull up anymore. What a little darling.

When we had our dog (sob sob, our little Maxie had to be put down this year) he quite liked the taste of dog food from as soon as he could crawl. He enjoyed washing his hands in the water, and even putting each dog biscuit one by one into the water bowl! Poor Maxie.

Maddox also enjoys all things dangerous, this is why we nickname him dangerous Dave! Why walk anywhere when you can jump and climb EVERYWHERE. Plug sockets, everyone loves to put their fingers in there right? Or just enjoy plugging appliances in, like the Hoover. Henry, the hoover is out 24/7…that thing never makes it back into the cupboard. Cannot wait for the day they make Henry robotic!

I also think the corners on the coffee table are now rounded because he has bashed into them so much, but not just with his head, with the sturdy metal trolley which all kids love to play with when they visit!Perhaps not such a great buy, cheers Melissa and Doug. Visitors will also lose their shoes to Maddox as he enjoys trying them all on for size and leaving them in different rooms for a great game of ‘go seek the bloody shoe before you leave’! It’s all fun here!

So if you want to know whether you have baby proofed your home before you little one has started crawling, I’ll send my son round!

Like this post, share your baby proofing ideas on my Facebook page, or tell us all how you know you just haven’t cracked it!? Please tell me its not just my son!




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