Sadly not for me this eve. The other half is out on the razz, the beer or the town, whatever its called these days! Tonight has got me thinking about how out of touch with going OUT OUT we both are! Me more so, since I’ve practically been sober for two and a bit years what with forever being pregnant and birthing babies!

Being a parent and going out requires such a lot of meticulous planning and usually calling upon others, either for babysitting or borrowing items (that’s if your anything like me). Fortunately I have a 22 year old sister, who owns almost all of Topshop and MAC, so I am never short of a few items.

For us mothers however, going out means, shaving your legs, and these days I rarely look down at my legs, so I’m always surprised to find they are actually pretty darn hairy and I can never remember the last time I did them! OOOPS, well its winter INNIT. So a bath to shave the legs is a must, this usually involves small humans walking in and out and dropping things in your bath water, like loo roll. NOTE TO SELF, this is number twos favourite thing to do, next time lock door!

Next you must wash your hair, and no not with the kids L’Oreal shampoo even if it does smell of cherries. Then once out of the hair filled bath, I like to paint my nails, even toes even if there not getting seen, just like my matching underwear! Just makes you feel good right? But I always swear about why I didn’t paint my bloody nails the night before! So I do this whilst getting ready and then refuse to touch anything, and often demand the other half puts my shoes on just incase I chip then! Without fail, I’ve smudged or chipped the bastard nails before I’ve even made it in the car!

But way before entering the car, and eventually finding an outfit, usually black, one because it’s slimming and two because if im stealing off the sister (her whole wardrobe is black) I search for that thing called a handbag?

HANDBAG, what’s that I hear you ask? From what I remember its smaller than a changing bag, you don’t include wipes (even though they come in handy for just about anything) and often they are black too. But where do you find one in your house? Especially when the last time you had it you were probably listening to Spice Girls!!! NOTE TO SELF, before going out next time, locate handbag well in advance.

Another thing before heading out of the door, is a coat! Because gone are the days you went out in something itty bitty and were too tight to pay the £1.50 for the cloakroom. Now you are old and sensible.

Despite how getting ready and my choice of outfit has changed my ability to drink much has not! Fortunately, I am a cheap date. I hate being sick, so its rare that I get to the point of throwing up! Apart from that one time in my best mates car (she never lets me forget!) that night I am certain my drink was spiked!

So whilst it’s not my turn for a night out yet, I still remember my post baby nights out and what a difference they are. My favourite part of the evening is always the dirty kebab at the end of the night, what’s your highlight?

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