Ageing…Sorry not for me

10.jpgLast night my dear children all decided to take the piss! Starting first with the eldest, who comes into our room about 1am to use the toilet. Despite there being one right next to her bedroom and then she demanded I take her back to bed! I refuse and on her way out she knocks the moses basket, waking up Ruby for some more boobie!Grrrr.

Aware that the husband has to get up at 5am, I feed Ruby on boobie straight away trying not to make much noise, and then in the adjoining room, we both hear  “Mummy,mummy,mummy” from dearest number two. Strapped to number three I am unable to move (shame) so the other half is forced to go in and investigate…probably a missing dummy!

“Bloody dummy” the husband mutters as he climbs back into bed, I am still feeding number three, thinking hurry up and make this quick because I’m too tired for this tonight! The husband gets back under the covers and turns over. I think to myself “Lucky sod, how nice must it be not too be required all hours of the night”, but then again I don’t fancy at 5am start in the morning and a three hour drive. Hmmm.

“Mummy, mummy, mummy”, nope still feeding so looks like its daddy, daddy daddy again! Daddy is not impressed, up he gets and walks straight to the kitchen. We both know that milk is the quickest way to get number two back to sleep! Its funny how we don’t worry about giving the odd bottle of milk in the night, because when it was number one at 18 months I would be saying, “she cant have that”, “she doesn’t need it”, “we are only making things worse for ourselves”.

BUT AM I BOOVVERED THOUGH…I have three children now so sleep really is the most important thing!

So that’s number two nicely back to sleep, and its about 245am and number three is taking the biscuit. She has on/off fed and decides, she never really wanted it anyway so throws up twice in our bed and then I sense in the pitch black her staring at me. I reach for my phone (always under my pillow) and turn on my phone light to see her staring up at me smiling, WIDE A BLOODY AWAKE.

“Brilliant”, the other half shouts and off he goes to sleep in the living room with his pillows in hand for what’s left of the night/morning!

I’ve learnt now, not to bother rocking one very awake baby to sleep, I don’t even bother to attempt it! If I could have those wasted hours back from rocking number one to sleep in those early months I think id look five years younger! Forever we would rock, sing, attempt to wind, give more milk to a baby that just wasn’t any where near going to sleep! But we did not know this, we were beginners, so our carpet in the bedroom became very worn in one spot, our arms ached by morning for all the holding and rocking and we were usually not speaking by morning for all the swear words used about how incompetent we both were!

Anyway where were we…aww so its now 3am and the husbands on the sofa, I’m in the bedroom looking down at a naughty little elf smiling away at me and I think too myself, right I give you an hour and then you will be force fed and then you will sleep! So after an hour of cooing and smiling, I fed this naughty elf back to sleep and come 5am the husband leaves for work. At that moment, id rather be me, still in bed till 7am.

Still come 7am its morning and I’m on the school run, rushing around like mad, watching one mad little Maddox throw his cereal across the floor and refuse to only eat advent chocolate I ponder where Id rather be. Stuck in the car on the M25? or shouting at the kids to get ready? Mmm a car journey on my own even for three hours appeals!

I left behind a mountain of mess , made a changing bag up, packed the new fancy pants double buggy and thought sod the mess, I will go to the Monday group and sort this mess out after lunch! I’m glad I went, even though I felt horrendously tired, hadn’t rubbed in my foundation and sported a scruffy mum bun because I met perspective again.

Its funny because only yesterday I wrote about all those lovely older women I meet, who tell me how precious time is, well I met another one of those today! I must attract them! Her words to me were ” I used to be like you, young and pretty with my hands full”, (young and pretty…I look like shit so Ill take that!). She then went on to say how she had four children all within 6 years, and I said “Oh my, that must have been hard?” (using my posh mum voice of course) and she said “Yes it was but it was honestly my best years, and I know everyone says it but you really must enjoy this because its horrible being old, look at me I am the oldest one in the room and I don’t like that”.

This lovely honest lady was right, I do want to because despite them being a handful right now I don’t like aging much either. Whilst this lady enjoyed her time as a grandparent, I cant imagine what that is like seeing your children have children and knowing one day you will just be someone’s ‘old dear’. I don’t want to get old, I’m already grey for ffs! In one sense I want them to grow up because I want to see what they will be like, who their friends will be, will they marry? what job will they have? But I don’t want them to age, simply because I don’t want to age either! Plus there is nothing better than a babies cute chubby thighs hey?


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