He is a keeper

Now I write to you all as a 30 something mum of 3! Yikes! I’ve had a weekend of ridiculous well thought out surprises which leads me to think that that husband of mine will certainly do for another year or two! He has surpassed himself with hair,nails (for me obvs) waffle breakfast, a shopping trip accompanied by all three (hmmmm more on that later) a delicious fancy pants meal with my partners in crime and their partners and then one big party at ours this afternoon with all my famalam. The mess however is impressive!

Twas worth the extra sticky carpet stains, party poppers poop in every room and the terrible amount of calorific leftovers which one HAS to eat throughout the week! Oh how awful!

Best of all was the clever buggers, clubbed together to by one cake/bake off obsessed mother a bloody Kitchen Aid!! I know I am showing my age now aren’t I. Gone are the days were I would settle for a Now 37 CD and a makeup compact from NO7 (clearly part of a 3 for 2 in Boots) but this shiz makes me happy. In fact it was probably one of life’s goals to own one of those outrageously expensive machines, for some people they are excited by cars or Louboutins (well maybe they would be nice, bit shit for a school run though).

Birthday are weird though, I always find them overwhelming, and sometimes even tearful! I remember feeling like that even as a child, all that excitement, expectation and possibly a lot of anxiety about what you may do, what you may receive etc. I can remember from the age of 10 by the end of each birthday or party I would always be a bit of a naughty shit. All that spoiling in one day would make me a bit like that Veruca Salt on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I can literally see it now! Possibly why as a child I was called Abbie A and Abbie B, this split personality meant I had one nice side and one basically naughty little shit side! I assure you I am not like this now, I’ve been very well-behaved today, didn’t get sent to my room once!

Jokes aside, Birthdays whatever the age are overwhelming and can fester some anxiety, I found shopping on Saturday a right pain in the arse with three, the whole experience was horrible and the husband would even agree. I put so much pressure on myself to make sure I enjoy it and not to struggle with the continual crying in the car that I just wanted to go home and forget the whole thing! But after a good talking to from the dearly beloved (who has his shit together more than me most days!) I loosened up a bit and actually enjoyed the rest of my birthday!

Thanks for reading, I welcome your comments on Birthdays, how do you find them or am I just fudging mad?



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