29 for 2 more hours

My last day in my twenties started with a few surprises from the dearly beloved this morning (not that kind of surprise ; ) ). As a control freak the idea of a surprise fills me with anxiety and the more I am told, “Don’t ask any questions”, I can’t stop asking 101 questions.

Surprise number one was a hair cut and colour, anything of my choosing at a friend of ours new salon, goodbye mum bun! So I thought Id keep it age appropriate and go for a turquoise blue ombre! You only live once right? I have a thing about coloured hair (check picture below for the colour I choose after baby number two).

New hair do aside, the best bit about the experience was the husband accompanied me on this excursion with number two and three in tow. Ruby on boobie cannot leave my side of course and well Mad ol Maddox would never stay near my side if he had his own way. I watched my husband in the corner of my eye struggle to juggle the two, calling Maddox to stop touching the hair dryers and pulling the internet cables out whilst rocking a very tired baby in his arms. At one point our dear children were both crying and he was balancing both on each (non childbearing) hip trying to keep his ‘I’m cool, I got this’ game face on.

I do cruelly enjoy each little reveal the husband gets into my daily life, but I did however enjoy my do over today! Mum hair no more! Later he revealed surprise number two was a nail appointment for some lovely sparkly gel nails just like my beautiful childless, single friend Kat has. I title her this way because we both laugh about how we would like to step into each others shoes for a day! Oh she would enjoy my shoes!!

So the boy did good today, I do tell him often he makes a good first husband! Last night in my twenties, what to do?? Probably should go move that bastard elf!




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