ME time…or a mountain…

What is that I hear you ask? I am not exactly sure as its been a while and a girly afternoon at the Christmas fair on Sunday with Ruby on Boobie doesn’t count!

I am not asking for a lot, just some time to recharge my batteries and restore my sanity! When you have a newborn baby your evenings are lost for what seems like forever, but my experience tells me it returns around the time that they start to sleep through or at least wake just once in the night. I am many months away from this milestone yet. I’ve only served three months for my crime. AWWW (ponders longingly) but those evenings where I would maybe drink some wine, watch crap on telly whilst observing my huge ironing pile thinking I really must do some of that soon…I miss that.

I miss my less jellified belly too, dry bras and undisturbed toilet trips, but hey I’ll get over it! Perhaps its my fault for not moaning enough (As if…I hear my husband shout!) about going out. I haven’t even got that noisy cow pumping breast machine back out for fear ill get the dreaded mastitis again (I’ve been unfortunate enough to get this at least 3 times with number one and two). I just feel like I need a big fuck off mountain on top of my house (which wont take too long to climb as I am permanently nucking fackered) so I can go up there say three times a day just to scream one really long ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, then I can compose myself and walk back into the house!

But really I want ME time, but I am not sure of what kind, maybe the cinema with a friend or a Costa a hot one that is…mmmmm, but I really do worry about the buggers when I am not here, especially Ruby on the Boobie, she needs milk hourly atm! FML….now where’s that fucking mountain?



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